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Are you in love with OpenSource TYPO3 community extensions? Are you looking for that extra customisation or compatibility with LTS TYPO3 versions? Welcome to our Support for TER service, where we specialise in personalising TER (TYPO3 Extension Repository) extensions to perfectly align with your unique requirements. We add features to extensions like news, container, solr, headless, mask, blog, ke_search and more.

Have a needs in mind that a current extension doesn't offer? Our expert team specializes in Support for TER Extension to match your business and marketing requirements

TYPO3 TER Services

You can help to contribute to the OpenSource TYPO3!

If you wish, We will keep contributing (by PR to the GitHub repository) to the author of TYPO3 extensions with bug fixing, 
feature requests, compatibility with TYPO3 LTS, etc.

Why do you need Support for TER?

Why do you need Support for TER?

Reported Issues

Help to fix bugs/issues reported by you or the community. We can pick up issues from the extension developer’s GitHub repository.

Customization Request

Extend customize & extend third-party TER TYPO3 extensions to match your distinct specifications.

Upgrade & Compatible

Many TER TYPO3 extensions must be upgraded and compatible with the TYPO3 LTS version.

Extend Feature Requests

Implement reported feature requests by you or the community. We will keep contributing to the TYPO3 community with GitHub PR.

What's Included in Service?

Resolve Bugs/Issues

Generally, authors of extensions need help fixing reported issues. We can help you fix bugs/issues in any third-party TYPO3 community extensions. You can also choose issues from the author's backlog queue.

Develop Feature Request

No extensions are feature-rich! If you wish to add more features to particular TYPO3 community third-party extensions, just prepare details, and we will develop features. You can also provide us with a link to an already-requested feature from the community.

Make Compatible TYPO3 LTS

Many authors of third-party TYPO3 extensions didn’t get time to update their extensions to the latest TYPO3 LTS versions. We can make it compatible with the latest TYPO3 versions and contribute back to the original author’s code repository upon your request.

Help to Extend Features

Don’t want to change anything in the core of third-party TYPO3 extensions? No problem. It makes sense to keep working on your extensions without touching the core of third-party TYPO3 extensions.

Our TYPO3 Technology Stacks

Domain-Driven Design (DDD)

Our approach revolves around aligning software design with the specific business domain, resulting in TYPO3 solutions finely tuned to the unique needs of our clients.

MVC Model

We adhere to the Model-View-Controller architecture, promoting maintainability and organisation within TYPO3 extensions. This structured approach simplifies expansion of TYPO3 solutions.


TYPO3 Core primarily consists of the API (Application Programming Interface), which defines a framework for managing the project content.

Extbase Framework

The Extbase framework simplifies TER extension development, guiding developers in adhering to the Model-View-Controller (MVC) by following this core framework.

Fluid Rendering

Fluid, TYPO3's templating engine, is a vital component for rendering dynamic content within TYPO3 extensions. It provides a flexible way to create templates that align with modern web design practices.


These configuration tools are vital in effectively configuring and customizing TYPO3 TER solutions without touching to the core of TER extensions.

Frontend Tech-Stack

Our frontend technology stack encompasses HTML5, CSS3, Vanilla JavaScript, and TypeScript, allowing us to create modern and responsive TYPO3 solutions that enhance user experience.

Automatic Code Review with Lints

We have automatic code review processes to ensure high code quality and strict adherence to TYPO3 coding standards e.g., PHP-lints, TypoScript-lints, Fluid-lints etc.

Why T3Planet?

Why T3Planet?

55+ Developed TYPO3 Extensions

Team T3Planet have development and maintenance experience. Fifty-five free & premium TYPO3 extensions were published in the TYPO3 community.

You Can Contribute to TYPO3 Community

All your reported issues/bugs and feature requests will be pulled back to the author of the TYPO3 extension. In this way, you can give back to the OpenSource TYPO3  community.

Involve TYPO3 Community

We know TYPO3 authors & regularly contribute to the different TYPO3 projects and extensions. With that experience, we are sure to handle most of the TYPO3 extensions.

Customer-Centric Approach

Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal. Our commitment extends beyond meeting your needs; we aim to surpass your expectations by developing & customize TYPO3 extensions.

We're TYPO3 Certified

TYPO3 Developer (TCCI) resources, boasting over seven years of invaluable experience.

Money Back Guarantee!

We back our commitment to quality and service with a Money-Back Guarantee that extends up to 15 Days.

6 Steps Approach

Step - 01


We listen to your needs, objectives, and project requirements.

Step - 02

Planning & Estimation

Our expert team strategises and plans the development process, defining the scope, estimation timeline, and resources required.

Step - 03


Our TYPO3 developers commence the development phase according to the latest coding standards and TYPO3 best practices.

Step - 04

Testing and Quality Assurance

We conduct automated (if required) and manual tests to guarantee that the extension operates flawlessly.

Step - 05

Deployment & Release

Once the extension has passed all tests and received your approval, we proceed with deployment and release the extension.

Step - 06

Ongoing Support

Our commitment doesn't end with deployment. We offer continuous support and maintenance services to address any issues.

Certified TYPO3 Agency

Pricing Packages



  • Includes all TER extensions
  • 8 business days reaction time
  • 5 business days resolution time
  • Assign a dedicated technical manager
  • Free consultation service
  • 10 business days support period
  • 5 hours of development & support
  • €35 per hourly rate

Buy Now €169


  • Includes all TER extensions
  • 6 business days reaction time
  • 4 business days resolution time
  • Assign a dedicated technical manager
  • Free consultation service
  • 20 business days support period
  • 5 hours of development & support
  • €40 per hourly rate

Buy Now €199


  • Includes all TER Extensions
  • 3 business days reaction time
  • 2 business day resolution time
  • Assign a dedicated technical manager
  • Free consultation service
  • 30 business days support period
  • 5 hours of development & support
  • €50 per hourly rate

Buy Now €249


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Years of Experience

Happy Customers

Customers Review

2500+ Premium customers from beginners to industry leaders love T3Planet!

4.8 / 5

Paul Mehler

Paul Mehler

I asked them to customize Powermail with a few additional features, and I love their professionalism and technical quality standards. Highly recommended to T3Planet!

Andreas Neudorf

Andreas Neudorf

They listened to our needs, delivered top-quality results, and provided ongoing support. Kudos to the T3Planet Team!

Matthias Eggers

Matthias Eggers

Their team's communication, attention to detail, and commitment to excellence make them a trusted partner. We're grateful for their contribution to our project's success.

Thomas Kluge

Thomas Kluge

Their team's outstanding communication, keen eye for detail, and steadfast dedication to excellence have positioned them as a cornerstone of our project's success. We are deeply appreciative of their invaluable contribution and look forward to continuing our fruitful collaboration.

Alexander Schroeder

Alexander Schroeder

Several months ago, I downloaded a TYPO3 extension from TER, and I wanted to make it compatible with the latest version, TYPO3 V12 LTS. After conducting numerous searches on Google, I came across T3Planet. Initially, I explained my requirements and the bugs in the extension. I am very impressed with T3Planet's swift actions and services. These guys are really doing a great job! I am very satisfied with the end results. I would like to recommend T3Planet to anyone looking for support for TER!

Sandra Fleischer

Sandra Fleischer

Thanks to T3Planet, my TYPO3 extension is now fully compatible with the latest LTS version. Their expertise in TYPO3 technology stack is commendable

Maximilian Daecher

Maximilian Daecher

We needed support to ensure our extensions were compatible with the latest LTSversion. We are extremely grateful to T3Planet Support for their exceptional TER services. Throughout the process, communication was excellent, and we are very satisfied with the service they provided.

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Technical Expertise


DDEV is an open-source tool for launching local web development environments in minutes. It supports all major versions of PHP and Maria/MySQL database.

TYPO3 Core

It’s important to regularly update your TYPO3 core installation to enhance security and optimise performance. Custom TER extension development often involves extending core functionalities.


Extension development in TYPO3 is supported by a variety of APIs and services, including Extbase, Fluid, and REST APIs.

TYPO3 Extensions

Using Fluid for dynamic content rendering, Extbase for Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture, and TypoScript, TSconfig, and YAML for configuration are crucial aspects of TYPO3 extension development.

Front-end Development

Modern and responsive TYPO3 templates require proficiency in HTML5 and CSS3. Additionally, using JavaScript frameworks enhances the user interface and interactivity.

Version Control

Having Git for version control in TYPO3 projects facilitates collaborative development and efficient code management.


Composer, as a dependency management tool, simplifies TYPO3 extension and PHP library management, streamlining the development process.

Unit Testing

Guaranteeing code reliability and functionality is achieved through unit testing with tools such as PHPUnit, Extbase, and Test-Driven Development (TDD).

Code Lints

TYPO3 coding standards are made easier with tools like PHPCS, ensuring the production of clean and consistent code.

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Community-Made TYPO3 Extensions refers to TYPO3 Extension Repository(TER). It is also called TER. Extending refers to extending and modifying TYPO3 extensions to meet specific project requirements. It involves making adjustments to existing third-party TYPO3 extensions to increase TYPO3 functionality.

Extending Community-Made TYPO3 Extensions allows you to come up with additional feature requests, improved integration, or specific design changes; developing is like customisation, ensuring that the extension aligns perfectly with your objectives.

Almost any TYPO3 extension available at the TYPO3 Extension Repository can be customised through this service. This includes extensions related to content management, e-commerce, SEO, forms, and more.

The timeline for extending varies depending on the complexity of the project and the specific requirements.  A detailed project assessment will provide a more accurate estimate, but it will still not take more than a few days.

Extending a TYPO3 Extension involves modifying existing extensions available at the TYPO3 Extension Repository while creating an extension from scratch, which means developing an entirely new extension. Extending is often more cost-effective and time-efficient when the base extension partially meets your requirements.

Customised extensions may require additional work to remain compatible with TYPO3 updates. Discussing long-term maintenance and updates with your TYPO3 developer to ensure smooth compatibility is essential.

TER Customization can be cost-effective when the base extension shares a significant portion of the desired functionality. Developing a new extension from scratch can be more time-consuming and expensive.

Look for a TYPO3 developer with a proven track record in customisation projects, expertise in TYPO3 best practices, and a willingness to understand your unique project needs. Client testimonials and portfolio samples can provide valuable insights.

You can request changes or updates to a customised extension as your project evolves. It may cost additional. 

To begin the TER Customization process, purchase the plan or fill out the contact form. We will assess your project requirements, provide an estimate, and guide you through the customized TYPO3 solution. Or you can purchase according to your requirements.

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