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We understand the challenges of manually transitioning from Gridelements to the Container TYPO3 extension. This process involves tasks such as manual creation of container elements, automated content migration, adjustments and restructuring of Typoscript, and Fluid-template rendering. Allow our Transform EXT:gridelements to EXT:container TYPO3 Extension Service to alleviate this burden for you.

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Why TYPO3 Grid to Container Extension?

EXT:container is not just another grid extension. Let’s figure out why the TYPO3 community created an already popular yet 
nother Grid container kind of extension. The mantra of EXT:container is “Flexible in-page structures built the TYPO3 core way! 

Facts and Figures

  • Compatibility with TYPO3 versions ensures that the community can expect regular updates to stay in sync with future TYPO3 releases.
  • A verified TYPO3 extension, ensuring reliability.
  • Rapidly gained popularity with over 1,100,000 downloads (as of March 2023) within a short span, indicating widespread approval within the TYPO3 community.
  • Developed and maintained by B13 GmbH, and Benni Mack - TYPO3 core project leader.
  • Configuration is established through Extbase/PHP code rather than lengthy TypoScript, enhancing simplicity and efficiency.
  • ColPos-restrictions supported if EXT:content_defender is present.
  • Frontend rendering facilitated through DataProcessor and Fluid templates.

Benni and the team have already addressed the question: Why did we create another "Grid" extension?

Why Migrate from EXT:gridelements to EXT:container TYPO3 Extension?

Compatibility and Support

It aims to support multiple versions of TYPO3 Core with the same extension. This ensures that the extension remains usable and maintained across different TYPO3 versions, aligning with the company's TYPO3 upgrade strategy.

Flexibility with colPos Field

Container extension provides flexibility in dealing with the colPos field, avoiding fixed values that may not be fully compatible with TYPO3 Core. This flexibility allows for better customization and integration within TYPO3 environments.

Multilingual and Workspace Support

The extension is fully tested and supports multilingual and workspace functionality, ensuring seamless operation in TYPO3 installations with these features enabled.

Simplicity and Focus

Focuses solely on creating and rendering container elements without additional complexities such as FlexForms, permission handling, or custom rendering. This simplicity can lead to a cleaner and more streamlined development process.

Configuration and Customization

It centralizes the configuration of grid container elements, making it easier to create custom containers. This centralized approach simplifies development and customization efforts. No more complexity of TypoScript configuration.

Progressive Development Workflow

It facilitates a progressive development workflow, allowing for the creation of custom container elements in TYPO3 versions before the LTS release, enabling developers to leverage new features and functionalities earlier.

ColPos Restrictions

Supports colPos-restrictions with EXT:content_defender, enhancing control over content positioning. This feature empowers users with enhanced control over the positioning of content elements within containers.

Frontend Rendering

Utilizes DataProcessor and Fluid templates for frontend rendering, ensuring consistent and customizable display. This approach ensures not only seamless integration but also empowers users with the flexibility for frontend appearance.

Automated Database Migration

Utilizing our bespoke backend module, "Migration," enables automatic migration of database alterations, such as transitioning CType from gridelements to container.

Flexform Compatibility

Our migration module seamlessly handles the creation and migration of all Flexform settings from your current Gridelements to the container, eliminating the need for any extraneous steps on your part.

Auto Migration with Grid elements to Container

We will use our custom backend module called “Migration”, which will makes auto-migrate 
database changes e.g., CType from gridelements to container. 


Why T3Planet?

Why T3Planet?

Competitive Pricing

At Team T3Planet, we offer competitive pricing for TYPO3 Migration services, ensuring that you receive excellent value for your investment. 

30-Days Support

As a responsible TYPO3 agency, we stand behind our work. That's why we offer 30 days of complimentary support after the migration process is complete. 

Money-Back Guarantee

Your satisfaction is our priority. If you're not completely satisfied with our services, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee within 30 days of purchase. 

Certified TYPO3 Experts

With over a decade of experience working with TYPO3, we are passionate about delivering the best. Our dedication has been recognized with the TYPO3 award.

8 Steps Approach

Step - 01

Assessment and Planning

We start by assessing the existing Gridelements setup, including the structure, configurations, and dependencies. A thorough analysis helps us understand the scope of the migration and any potential challenges or customizations required.

Step - 02

Installation of EXT:container & EXT:ns_gridtocontainer

We install the Container extension & ns_gridtocontainer in the TYPO3 environment if it's not already present. Configuration settings are adjusted to align with the project requirements, ensuring compatibility and optimal functionality.

Step - 03

Setup Custom Container

Based on the existing Gridelements structure and requirements, we define custom container elements using the Container extension. Each container is configured with its own CType, layout, and grid configuration, mirroring the functionality of the original Gridelements.

Step - 04

Automatic Content Migration

Content from existing Gridelements instances is migrated to the newly created Container elements. This process involves mapping the content to the corresponding containers and adjusting any formatting or layout as needed.

Step - 05

Fluid-Templates Rendering

We integrate the Container extension into the TYPO3 Fluid Templates and TypoScript configurations. This ensures that the frontend rendering of the containers aligns with the design and functionality requirements of the website.

Step - 06

Testing and Quality Assurance

Comprehensive testing is conducted to validate the functionality and compatibility of the migrated containers. We perform both frontend and backend testing to ensure a seamless user experience and proper integration with other TYPO3 components.

Step - 07

Documentation and Training

Documentation is provided detailing the new Container setup, configurations, and any customizations made during the migration process. If necessary, training sessions are conducted to familiarize stakeholders with the updated TYPO3 environment and container management.

Step - 08

Post-Migration Support

We offer ongoing support and assistance following the migration to address any issues or further optimize the Container setup. Our team remains available to provide guidance and troubleshooting as needed, ensuring a successful transition for the TYPO3 project.

Hours Packages

  • Free Analysis of Architecture
  • Install and Configure Container Extension
  • Install and Configure ns_gridtocontainer Extension
  • Automatic Content Migration Wizard
  • Fluid-template Rendering & TypoScript
  • Troubleshooting Support during Migration
  • Includes Deliver & Deployment
  • 1:1 QS Testing
  • 02 Days Response Time
  • 30 Days Support Period

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Felix Barth

Felix Barth

After struggling with outdated functionalities and compatibility issues with our previous grid system, we turned to Team T3Planet for assistance in migrating to Container in TYPO3. We are extremely satisfied with the results and highly recommend Team T3Planet for their expertise and professionalism.

Alexander Daecher

Alexander Daecher

Team T3Planet exceeded our expectations with their approach to migrating gridelements to Containers in TYPO3. From consultation to the final implementation, their team did it all perfectly. Thanks a Lot!

Katja Daecher

Katja Daecher

Choosing Team T3Planet for our gridelements to Container migration was one of the best decisions we made for our TYPO3 project. Their approach was not only thorough and well-planned but also highly collaborative.

Karolin Frueh

Karolin Frueh

I had been contemplating migrating Gridelements to Container in TYPO3 for a while, but I was unsure where to start. T3Planet came to my rescue with their TYPO3 services. They handled the migration seamlessly, addressing all my concerns and ensuring a smooth transition. I am immensely grateful for their expertise and highly recommend their services to others.

Dominik Schulze

Dominik Schulze

The decision to migrate Gridelements to Container in TYPO3 was facilitated with T3Planet's support. Their professionalism and dedication to delivering results are greatly appreciated. Thank you for a job well done!

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Yes, the migration process is reversible. However, it's recommended to backup your TYPO3 instance before initiating the migration process to ensure data integrity.

Yes, container TYPO3 extension is well supported with multilingual, multisite and workspace. We will make sure to have smooth migration services with all these features.

Yes, the Service provides tools and processes to ensure a seamless migration from Gridelements to Container TYPO3 extension, minimizing the risk of losing any content or configurations.

No, there's no specific limit to the number of Gridelements that can be migrated. You can migrate as many Gridelements as needed using the provided migration tools.

During migration, the service ensures that existing Gridelements layouts and configurations are preserved as much as possible. However, some adjustments may be necessary to align with the Container TYPO3 Extension structure.

Yes, the Service is compatible with custom TYPO3 templates and layouts. You can migrate Gridelements to Container while retaining your custom designs.

Yes, the Service comes with technical support to assist users with any issues or questions they may encounter during the migration process. Users can submit their queries through the provided support channels.

We support all major LTS & ELTS TYPO3 versions, ensuring compatibility with the latest TYPO3 LTS releases.

Yes, you can install and test the Service on a staging site before deploying it to a live website. This allows you to ensure compatibility and verify the migration process.

Yes, the extension is designed to be compatible with other TYPO3 extensions and can seamlessly integrate with third-party solutions, ensuring a smooth migration experience.

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