Alles in Einem: TYPO3 Feedback-Erweiterung

Alles in Einem: TYPO3 Feedback-Erweiterung


Die TYPO3-Feedback-Erweiterung ist die beste Möglichkeit, um das Feedback von Besuchern/Kunden auf Ihrer Website zu sammeln. Mit der All-In-One-TYPO3-Feedback-Erweiterung können Website-Administratoren Feedback-Formulare in verschiedenen Stilen auf der Website einfügen und wertvolles Feedback oder Einblicke von Besuchern erhalten. 

Die TYPO3-Erweiterung für Feedback-Formulare ist vollständig anpassbar, d.h. Administratoren können Feedback-Funktionen und Fragen ändern oder hinzufügen und ihre eigenen gewünschten Optionen hinzufügen.
Außerdem verfügt die TYPO3-Bewertungserweiterung über ein eigenes Dashboard zur Verwaltung des gesammelten Feedbacks. Alternativ können Benutzer auch Feedback-Benachrichtigungen direkt in ihrem E-Mail-Posteingang erhalten.

PS: Diese Extension ist kompatibel mit der neuesten TYPO3 Version 12.


Feedback-Formulare Kompatibel mit TYPO3 v12

Verbessern Sie die Leistung und Benutzerfreundlichkeit Ihrer Website mit vollständig anpassbaren Feedback-Formularen.

  • Feedback-Formular für Bewertungen
  • Schnelles Feedback-Formular
  • Vollständiges Feedback-Formular
  • Pop-up-Feedback-Formular


Feedback-Formular im Bewertungsstil

Verbessern Sie die Leistung und Benutzerfreundlichkeit Ihrer Website mit vollständig anpassbaren Feedback-Formularen.

  • Titel-Text:  Legen Sie den Text fest, der mit dem Bewertungsformular angezeigt werden soll.
  • Bewertungsstil: Wählen Sie einen Bewertungsstil aus Stern, Emoji und Zahlen.
  • Mehrfache Abgabe von Bewertungen zulassen Feedback-Formular aktivieren/deaktivieren

Schnelle Konfiguration des Feedback-Formulars

Verbessern Sie die Leistung und Benutzerfreundlichkeit Ihrer Website mit vollständig anpassbaren Feedback-Formularen.

  • Titeltext des Formulars
  • Legen Sie die Animation fest, die im Feedback-Feld angezeigt werden soll
  • Wählen Sie die Schaltflächen, die im Feedback-Formular angezeigt werden sollen
  • Aktivieren/Deaktivieren des Feedback-Formulars


Vollständige Konfiguration des Feedback-Formulars

Integrieren Sie ein komplettes Feedback-Formular mit vollständig konfigurierbaren Feldern und Schaltflächen. 

Zeigen Sie das Feedback der Besucher unterhalb des Feedback-Formulars an, indem Sie die Option Feedback aktivieren einschalten.



Ein weiterer cooler Feedback-Formular-Stil, bei dem der Benutzer die folgenden Konfigurationen für das Popup-Feedback-Formular festlegen kann, die Sie auswählen und konfigurieren können,

  • Position des Popup-Layouts
  • Titel für die Anzeige im Popup festlegen
  • Text der Popup-Titelleiste
  • Farbe der Popup-Titelleiste



Dediziertes Dashboard für die Erweiterungsverwaltung

Frontend Screenshots

TYPO3 Backend-Bildschirme

Rezensionen & Bewertungen

5 / 5

Martin Hueber

Martin Hueber

Installed the feedback extension. Worked like a charm. It's great to have multiple options to get feedback from the audience. Keep the good work up!

Eugen Thomas

Eugen Thomas

All In One Feedback TYPO3 extension is a well-integrated typo3 review plugin that is user friendly for both beginners and more advanced web site admins and includes a solid feature set covering all the review scenarios I can think of. Support is quick and top-notch. Many thanks for a great plugin and keep up the good work!



This extension is amazing, easily customizable, and I integrated it into the website with no errors. Once again T3Planet proved that they are the TYPO3 brand.

Karl Krüger

Karl Krüger

Well, it feels so weird giving feedback to a feedback extension, jokes apart, this extension is on-point and does exactly what it says, with numerous customization options and easy handling. This extension is all I needed.

Mandy Dresner

Mandy Dresner

The title says it all -- this plugin does exactly what it says, and it does it with a smooth UI and lots of helpful options. Best TYPO3 Feedback extension ever!

Hella Scharf

Hella Scharf

I am a TYPO3 developer and it takes a lot for me to leave an excellent review because the majority of the TYPO3 plugins require tweaking, this all in one feedback and review TYPO3 extension works like a charm right out of the box. Kudos to the plugin developers!

Wulf Kleiner

Wulf Kleiner

A perfect TYPO3 feedback tool for digital marketers and website admins. Many options and easy install.

Konstantin Oldenberg

Konstantin Oldenberg

You did an awesome job with this all-rounder feedback extension with great variance. I am using it each day and plan to use it on several new websites!

Karola Kolp

Karola Kolp

I have experience with both versions of the extension on my website. Paid and Free and I would prefer the paid one as it has really amazing features.

Yvonne Huber

Yvonne Huber

An amazing TYPO3 feedback plugin I must say. It is just as we expected. Easy to use and with cool dashboard

Mario Diederich

Mario Diederich

TYPO3 feedback extension works really well, lots of options, easy to set up, didn't have any kind of issues and it isn't heavy on the website.

Jens Fuerst

Jens Fuerst

Yay, this TYPO3 Feedback extension is a great discovery for my website and not only it helps with building customer trust, but it's so delightful to read the reviews - watching its dashboard, it fills me with joy and fuels my drive to keep on doing what I do best!

Lucas Meister

Lucas Meister

I have been looking for a rich feedback extension at TER and found this one at a good price with multiple licenses and great support from the team.

Kevin Dresner

Kevin Dresner

Funciona muy bien, en estos dos años no hemos tenido problemas con el extension

Florian Wirth

Florian Wirth

TYPO3 Feedback extension does exactly what’s expected and is really useful to manage authenticated Customers reviews. And last but not least, support team is efficient and responsive, irrespective of free or pro version. Thanks ! Great product ! Great support ! Great people !

Max Scherer

Max Scherer

NS Feedback TYPO3 extenion is not only great for capture feedback but gives you the oppotunity to get valuable insights as well. It is easy to configurate and within a few clicks you can start collect data.

Felix Freitag

Felix Freitag

I appreciate the flexibility of the All In One TYPO3 Feedback Extension, allowing me to collect feedback in various formats, including surveys, forms, and pop-ups.

Steffen Seiler

Steffen Seiler

Using the All In One TYPO3 Feedback Extension has been a game-changer for my website

Torsten Osterhagen

Torsten Osterhagen

The All In One TYPO3 Feedback Extension has exceeded our expectations. The developers' support is top-notch, helping us with any issues promptly.

Peter Wolf

Peter Wolf

The All In One TYPO3 Feedback Extension is a fantastic addition to my TYPO3 website

Marcel Bohm

Marcel Bohm

We've tried various feedback solutions, and this extension has exceeded our expectations.

Melanie Nacht

Melanie Nacht

This extension has simplified the way we collect and analyze feedback on our educational website. Highly Recommended!

Niklas Gärtner

Niklas Gärtner

This feedback extension has truly simplified our approach to user feedback on our TYPO3 site. The all-in-one integration is impressive, combining various feedback channels into one cohesive tool. It has made the feedback process smoother and more efficient.

Kristin Kaiser

Kristin Kaiser

This TYPO3 Feedback Extension has really helped me improve my website's performance and user experience. The ability to customize feedback forms and receive feedback alerts in my email inbox has been invaluable. Highly recommend it to any TYPO3 user!

Kristian Schaefer

Kristian Schaefer

I've been using the TYPO3 Feedback Extension for my website, and it's been fantastic. The different feedback form styles make it easy to gather feedback in various ways, and the customization options are endless. Plus, the dashboard feature is incredibly handy for keeping track of feedback.

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TYPO3 v8 to 12

Extension Key


Composer Support

composer req nitsan/ns-feedback


# 12.0.4

15th Mar 2024

BUGFIX Resolved core constant override issue in backend module

TASK Code cleanup and code improvements

RELEASE Minor version release v12.0.4

# 12.0.3

5th Mar 2024

BUGFIX Fixed comment-box issue

TASK Support to handle multi-lingual comment

TASK Code cleanup and code improvements

RELEASE Minor version release 12.0.3

# 2.6.2

5th Mar 2024

BUGFIX Fixed comment-box issue

TASK Support to handle multi-lingual comment

TASK Code cleanup and code improvements

RELEASE Minor version release 2.6.2

# 12.0.2

23rd Jan 2024

TASK Module Permission for BE user group

RELEASE Minor version release 12.0.2

# 12.0.1

18th Jan 2024

BUGFIX Resolved issue with the configuration module

TASK Code cleanup and code improvements

RELEASE Minor version release v12.0.1

# 12.0.0

27th Jun 2023

TASK Compatibility with TYPO3 v12

TASK Compatibility drop of TYPO3 <= v11

TASK Compatibility with PHP v8.1 & 8.2

TASK Compatibility drop of PHP <= v8.1

TASK Compatibility of MariaDB 10.3+ / MySQL 8.0+

TASK Compatibility of Composer >= 2.1

TASK Compatibility of Bootstrap v5 in backend module

TASK Removed deprecated and breaking changes code

RELEASE Major release v12.0.0

# 2.6.1

23rd May 2023

TASK Change composer dependencies constraint

TASK Code review & improvement

RELEASE Minor version release v2.6.1

# 2.6.0

22nd Dec 2022

TASK Upgraded to Bootstrap v5 to TYPO3 v11 backend module

TASK Implemented Reset buttons in module Text fields

TASK Code clean-up and improvement

BUGFIX Resolved reset buttons at forms

RELEASE Major version release v2.6.0 (No-breaking changes)

# 2.5.0

19th Dec 2022

FEATURE Implement Spam Protection (Honeypot feature)

FEATURE Confirmation popup-box before submit feedbacks forms(Agree to Data Processing)

FEATURE Add constant configuration for new features

BUGFIX Fixed the issue with the Feedback Sorting

BUGFIX Fixed the issue with list of various feedbacks in TYPO3 v10

BUGFIX Fixed the issue with not count "No, But" variation feedback in quick feedback form

TASK Code clean-up and improvements

RELEASE Feature version released 2.5.0

# 2.4.0

1st Aug 2022

TASK Compatibility with major PHP v8.0 and v8.1

TASK Minor improvement for older TYPO3 versions like v8 to v10

TASK Code clean-up and improvement

BUGFIX Removed deprecation of TYPO3 v11 & PHP v8.x

BUGFIX Resolved errors & warnings in TYPO3 debug environment

RELEASE Minor non-breaking release v2.4.0

# 2.3.0

30th Jun 2022

FEATURE Integrated APIs of world's popular

FEATURE Rendering Gravatar profile picture at comments listing

TASK Code clean-up and improvement

BUGFIX Fixed minor and functional compatibility issues

RELEASE Major release v2.3.0

# 2.2.4

16th Jun 2022

TASK Improve the way to check license system with EXT.ns_license

TASK Verify license only for admin logins; Ignore editor users

TASK Set bi-weekly to connect and check license server

TASK Code clean-up and improvement

RELEASE Minor version 2.2.4 release

# 2.2.3

1st Jun 2022

TASK Improve backend module related stuff

TASK Improve dashboard calculation

TASK Deletion of report feedback on dashboard improved

RELEASE Release minor version 2.2.3

# 2.2.2

2nd May 2022

TASK Multilingual Support to Constant labels

TASK Code clean-up and improvement

RELEASE Minor version 2.2.2 released

# 2.2.1

3rd Mar 2022

RELEASE Release of v2.2.1

BUGFIX Dependencies issues fix for EXT.ns_license

# 2.2.0

21st Feb 2022

TASK Added service to call the setup event to check license

BUGFIX TYPO3 v11 compatibility issue fix for SignalSlot

BUGFIX Testing and bug fix for TYPO3 v8 to v11

RELEASE Ready to major release v2.2.0

# 2.1.0

15th Feb 2022

TASK Added service to call the setup event to check license

BUGFIX TYPO3 v11 compatibility issue fix for SignalSlot

BUGFIX Testing and bug fix for TYPO3 v8 to v11

RELEASE Ready to major release v2.1.0

# 2.0.1

1st Feb 2022

RELEASE new version 2.0.1 release

TASK Improve the backend module UI

TASK Prevent the empty feedback to the database

TASK Code improvements and cleanup

# 2.0.0

31st Dec 2021

RELEASE Major version 2.0.0 release

FEATURE Make compatibility with TYPO3 v11.5.x

TASK Code cleanup and code improvements

BUGFIX UI/UX small design issues fixing

BUGFIX Functional testing and bug fixing

# 1.5.10

28th Sep 2021

TASK Resolve EXT.ns_license dependencies

RELEASE Release of version 1.5.10

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