Alles in einer TYPO3-Galerie

Alles in einer TYPO3-Galerie


Mit der All-In-One TYPO3 Galerie-Erweiterung ist es einfacher denn je, atemberaubende Lightbox-Bilder- und Videogalerien mit Mauerwerk-Grids, Custom Grids und mehr mit nur wenigen Klicks direkt aus dem TYPO3-Dashboard zu erstellen.

Das TYPO3 Galerie-Plugin enthält eine breite Palette von Varianten wie Album-Galerie (Galerie öffnet sich auf derselben Seite), Album-Galerie (Galerie öffnet sich auf einer separaten Seite), Google Suchansicht-Galerie, Mauerwerk-Galerie, Mosaic-Galerie, Isotope-Galerie, Slider-Galerie & Karussel-Galerie, Zoomansicht-Galerie. Die All-In-One-TYPO3-Galerie-Erweiterung ist die beste TYPO3-Galerie-Erweiterung, um Ihrer Website individuelle, einzigartige und reaktionsschnelle Galerien hinzuzufügen. Jetzt herunterladen!

Enthält 7 TYPO3-Galerie-Stil

Eine Erweiterung für jede Galerie-Variante, die Sie für Ihre TYPO3-Website benötigen! Wie Album, Mauerwerk, Mosaik, Isotop, Google-Suche, Slider, Zoom-Ansicht.

Eingebaute Alben

Mit Albums - Organisieren Sie Ihre Fotogalerien, wählen Sie Titelbilder und vieles mehr und öffnen Sie sie in einem neuen Tab oder im selben Tab.

Erweiterte Mauerwerk-Galerieansicht

Vorkonfigurierte 3 Stile für die Mauerwerk-Gitteransichten mit zusätzlichen erweiterten Schnittstellen- und Layout-Konfigurationseinstellungen. Flex-Layout, Pinterest-Layout & Klassisches Raster-Layout Intelligenter Größenänderungsmodus für die automatische Größenanpassung von Bildern bei der Erstellung des Mauerwerk Grid-Layouts hinzugefügt.

Erweiterte Mosaik-Themen

Schöne, saubere Ansichten für das Mosaikraster mit zahlreichen Animationen und Layoutkonfigurationen.


Vorkonfigurierte 3 Stile für die Masonry-Grid-Ansichten mit zusätzlichen erweiterten Schnittstellen- und Layout-Konfigurationseinstellungen. Flex-Layout, Pinterest-Layout & Klassisches Raster-Layout Intelligente Größenanpassung und Animationsmodi für Bilder hinzugefügt, um ein Isotope-Galerie-Layout zu erstellen.


Vorkonfigurierte 2 Stile für die Slider-Galerieansichten,

  • Karussell-Layout
  • Klassisches Slider-Layout

Scrollen, Steuerelemente, Zuschneiden und Animationsmodi für Bilder hinzugefügt, um ein Slider-Galerie-Layout zu erstellen.


Mit der Bildzoom-Galerie können Sie den Zoom und eine Lightbox für Ihre Bilder aktivieren, damit Ihre Kunden jedes Detail sehen können. Gleichzeitig können Sie die Miniaturansichten in einem praktischen Slider verwalten und so ein sauberes und modernes Ergebnis auf Ihren Produktseiten erzielen.

Reichhaltige Lightbox-Funktionen



Geeignet für alle Arten von Websites, die einen einzigen Videoplayer für lokale Videos, YouTube oder Vimeo benötigen.

Andere Highlights

  • Backend-Dashboard

  • Backend-Galerie verwalten

  • Backend-Alben verwalten

  • Themen

  • Load More

    Mehr laden / Paginierung

  • Zwischenraum zwischen den Bildern

  • Deep Linking/Hash

  • Lazy Load

  • Slide-Show

Frontend Screenshots

TYPO3 Backend-Bildschirme

Rezensionen & Bewertungen

4.5 / 5

Peter Schäfer

Peter Schäfer

Highly configurable, and the developer has been really great with advice on customization. I’m really pleased with TYPO3 Gallery - All In One truly!

Tobias Schreiner

Tobias Schreiner

Best TYPO3 Gallery extension with very large configuration options, many different extras. One of the best and most useful gallery plugins I've found for TYPO3! I warmly recommend all users to use it immediately. The plugin has a very good, knowledgeable, responsive, and friendly support team. I have always received help quickly when needed.

Christine Schmidt

Christine Schmidt

TYPO3 Gallery Extension is one true extension for marketing needs. I use it extensively to market my content like videos, photos, art, graphics etc. This extension really helps me be out there and show what I can create. Thanks T3Planet for your support

Desiree Noack

Desiree Noack

another great tool!

Susanne Schröder

Susanne Schröder

With very large configuration options, many different extras. One of the best and most useful typo3 gallery plugins I've found! I warmly recommend all users to use it immediately. The plugin has a very good, knowledgeable, responsive, and friendly support team. I have always received help quickly when needed.

Lea Lemann

Lea Lemann

I think this is the best extension after the Slider revolution to enhance the look of the TYPO3 website. I have the lifetime version of the Slider version and I consider to buy the same for it too. Good Stuff.

Julia Bosch

Julia Bosch

T3 Gallery's Zoom view gallery option is dope, works perfectly for my products showcase.

Dennis Adler

Dennis Adler

A wonderful fit for users who need a lightweight plugin that creates beautiful TYPO3 galleries without the need for custom styling or coding.

Nadine Beckenbauer

Nadine Beckenbauer

This TYPO3 Gallery extension is very easy to use, works perfekt at my two most important TYPO3-sites and the support is fast and excellent.

Max Köhler

Max Köhler

For its simplicity and variety of galleries, it is the best TYPO3 Gallery extension. Highly recommended. Far superior to other plugins for its simplicity !!!!

Max Schneider

Max Schneider

The Zoom view gallery option in T3 Gallery is amazing! It works flawlessly for showcasing my products.

Phillipp Muller

Phillipp Muller

I am thoroughly impressed with this extension. It has exceeded my expectations in terms of its user-friendliness, great design, and productivity-enhancing features.

Andreas Kuhn

Andreas Kuhn

This extension has exceeded my expectations. It's easy to use, has a great design, and has improved my productivity. The support I received was top-notch. I am highly impressed with the gallery Extension.

Jörg Faerber

Jörg Faerber

Very easy to use, works perfekt at my two most importent TYPO3-sites and the support is fast and exellent.

Ulrich Biermann

Ulrich Biermann

I'm using this Gallery extension and purchased its premium version, it is straightforward to implement what I wanted. The customer service response was very quick and critical, they help me fix the issue that I met, quickly and crucial.

Florian Nacht

Florian Nacht

An easy to use yet so rich TYPO3 Gallery extension. Plus I received very good support from Sanjay and now I'm up and running. I am very pleased!

Max Oster

Max Oster

I'm happy and satisfied with this TYPO3 Gallery extension and the support has been great. Keep up the good work. Thank you.

Stephan Diederich

Stephan Diederich

I spent many months trying to find an ideal Gallery solution for my website that obviously needed an appropriate plugin for supporting images and videos. I first tried the free version and then made a leap of faith to upgrade to use their premium Gallery extension. Best decision made! This plugin is simple to use in an intuitive way, flexible where needed, and quite simply does what it's meant to do! While I've yet to need their support, my initial enquiries to them on another subject was met with an immediate, helpful, and friendly response. I saw one negative comment and their sincere reply which fixed a previous issue. Take it from me as I am very discerning about buying plugins for my site, this is well worth getting, especially the premium version.

Niklas Shuster

Niklas Shuster

All In One TYPO3 Gallery is pretty straighforward, easy to understand extension. Works like it says. Make sure you configure gallery settings before uploading galleries. Support is good. Response time is pretty good. Helpful

Phillipp Muller

Phillipp Muller

I am thoroughly impressed with this extension. It has exceeded my expectations in terms of its user-friendliness, great design, and productivity-enhancing features.

Benjamin Fassbinder

Benjamin Fassbinder

I am so impressed with the versatility of the All In One Gallery extension!

Markus Herrmann

Markus Herrmann

Whether I want to showcase my content in a classic grid layout or with a more interactive Slider Gallery view, this extension has me covered.

Peter Jung

Peter Jung

All In One TYPO3 Gallery extension is a great addition to my website. The plugin is very easy to install and set up, and the end result looks amazing.



Migrate Gridelements to Container TYPO3 Extension saved me a lot of time and hassle when migrating my website.

Steffen Baum

Steffen Baum

I'm amazed at how easily I can manage and organize my image galleries with TYPO3 Gallery - All In One. The user-friendly interface and powerful features make it a top choice for any TYPO3 user.

Torsten Abendroth

Torsten Abendroth

Great Value for Money!

Melanie Wexler

Melanie Wexler

Overall, a solid extension for TYPO3. It does exactly what it promises creates beautiful galleries effortlessly.

Simone Eisenhauer

Simone Eisenhauer

Our website needed a fresh look, and this gallery extension delivered. It's improved the aesthetics and functionality, and the image optimization features are a nice touch. Great value for the price!

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Backend Dashboard

Backend Manageable Gallery

Backend Manage Albums

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Responive Galleries

Deep Linking/Hash

Gallery StylesGoogle Search View Gallery
Masonry Gallery
Mosaic Gallery
Isotope Gallery
Slider Gallery & Carousal Gallery
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Lightbox ControllsFull Screen
Mouse Dragging
Image Counter
Zoom option
Manage Slideshow Speed
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Video SupportLocal

Themes (Default, Dark)

Misc FeaturesLazy Load
Gutter space b/w images in Gallery (For Masonry & Isotope)
Album Gallery (Gallery opens in separate page)



Jährlich Eine Jahreslizenz berechtigt Sie zu 1 Jahr Updates und Support. Produkte unter dieser Lizenz sind ein Leben lang gültig und nutzbar, ohne dass wiederkehrende Zahlungen anfallen.

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TYPO3 v8 to 12

Extension Key


Composer Support

composer req nitsan/ns-gallery


# 2.4.5

1st Dec 2023

BUGFIX Resolved deprecation and minor issues

BUGFIX Resolved Pagination Position issue

TASK Change froogaloop2.min.js file URL.

TASK Code review & improvement

RELEASE Minor version release v2.4.5

# 2.4.4

19th Oct 2023

TASK Resolved minor issue of Compatibility with PHP v8.x

BUGFIX Resolved issues with Album View and Masonry View

RELEASE Minor version release v2.4.4

# 12.0.1

26th Sep 2023

BUGFIX Fixed issue with Constant Editor

RELEASE Minor version release v12.0.1

# 2.4.3

8th Sep 2023

BUGFIX Fix minor issues related to Pagination and load-more

BUGFIX Fix issues related to zoom-type lens

BUGFIX Fix issues related to constant

RELEASE Minor version release v2.4.3

# 12.0.0

12th Jul 2023

TASK Compatibility with TYPO3 v12

TASK Compatibility drop of TYPO3 <= v11

TASK Compatibility with PHP v8.1 & 8.2

TASK Compatibility drop of PHP <= v8.1

TASK Compatibility of MariaDB 10.3+ / MySQL 8.0+

TASK Compatibility of Composer >= 2.1

TASK Compatibility of Bootstrap v5 in backend module

TASK Removed deprecated and breaking changes code

RELEASE Major release v12.0.0

# 2.4.2

23rd May 2023

TASK Change composer dependencies constraint

TASK Code review & improvement

RELEASE Minor version release v2.4.2

# 2.4.1

5th Apr 2023

BUGFIX Fix minor issues related to CSS

TASK Improved CSS and Code clean-up.

RELEASE Minor version release v2.4.1

# 2.4.0

22nd Dec 2022

TASK Upgraded to Bootstrap v5 to TYPO3 v11 backend module

TASK Implemented Reset buttons in module Text fields

TASK Code clean-up and improvement

BUGFIX Resolved reset buttons at forms

RELEASE Major version release v2.4.0 (No-breaking changes)

# 2.3.2

31st Oct 2022

BUGFIX Mosaic view Pagination issue fixed

TASK Code clean-up and improvement

RELEASE Minor version release v2.3.2

# 2.3.1

17th Aug 2022

TASK Minor Code Cleanup

RELEASE Minor non-breaking release v2.3.1

# 2.3.0

26th Jul 2022

TASK Compatibility with major PHP v8.0 and v8.1

TASK Minor improvement for older TYPO3 versions like v8 to v10

TASK Code clean-up and improvement

BUGFIX Removed deprecation of TYPO3 v11 & PHP v8.x

BUGFIX Resolved errors & warnings in TYPO3 debug environment

RELEASE Minor non-breaking release v2.3.0

# 2.2.8

12th Jul 2022

BUGFIX Fixed minor issues with Google Search View

RELEASE Minor release v2.2.8

# 2.2.7

16th Jun 2022

TASK Improve the way to check license system with EXT.ns_license

TASK Verify license only for admin logins; Ignore editor users

TASK Set bi-weekly to connect and check license server

TASK Code clean-up and improvement

RELEASE Minor version 2.2.7 release

# 2.2.6

12th May 2022

BUGFIX Upgrade path declaration in album view

BUGFIX JQuery library versions upgrade

RELEASE Minor improvement release v2.2.6

# 2.2.5

8th Apr 2022

RELEASE Ready to release v2.2.5

BUGFIX Issue fixed with Album view images

# 2.2.4

6th Apr 2022

RELEASE Ready to release v2.2.4

TASK Removed Google_Plus option from sharing

BUGFIX Filter Ajax Issue

BUGFIX Isotope was not working proper

BUGFIX Album view issue

BUGFIX Mosaic view image path issue

# 2.2.3

10th Mar 2022

RELEASE Ready to release v2.2.3

BUGFIX Album view Title not showing issue fixed

# 2.2.2

3rd Mar 2022

RELEASE Release of v2.2.2

BUGFIX Dependencies issues fix for EXT.ns_license

# 2.2.1

23rd Feb 2022

BUGFIX Array Pagination issue with version 9.5 to 10.0

RELEASE Ready to release v2.2.1

# 2.2.0

21st Feb 2022

TASK Added service to call the setup event to check license

BUGFIX TYPO3 v11 compatibility issue fix for SignalSlot

BUGFIX Testing and bug fix for TYPO3 v8 to v11

RELEASE Ready to major release v2.2.0

TYPO3 Extension Installationsanleitung

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Wenn Sie technische Probleme haben, erstellen Sie bitte ein Ticket, um Hilfe von unseren Experten zu erhalten.

Wir empfehlen Ihnen, vor der Installation eine Sicherungskopie zu erstellen, um sicherzustellen, dass es zu keinem Konflikt kommt.

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Sie können einen Anpassungsservice anfordern, wenn Sie die Erweiterung entsprechend Ihren geschäftlichen Anforderungen konfigurieren müssen.


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Wann immer das Team T3Planet eine neue Version, insbesondere für das TYPO3-Produkt, veröffentlicht, erhalten Sie per E-Mail Informationen über die neu veröffentlichte Version.

Sie können die Extension dann über Ihren Account aktualisieren

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rüfen Sie unsere aktualisierte Versions dokumentation.

Sie können Ihre TYPO3-Extension mit den folgenden Schritten installieren.

Schritt 1. EXT.ns_license herunterladen

Schritt 2. Gehen Sie zu Admin Tools > Erweiterungen > EXT.ns_license installieren.

Schritt 3. Wechseln Sie zu NITSAN > License Management > Add Your License Key.

Schritt 4. Gehen Sie zu Admin Tools > Erweiterungen > Aktivieren Sie Ihre gekaufte Erweiterung.

Detaillierte Informationen finden Sie in der Dokumentation, Lesen Sie mehr.

Ja, für eine kostenlose TYPO3-Extension können Sie einfach den auf dieser Seite genannten Composer-Installationsbefehl verwenden. Für die Premium TYPO3-Extension stellen wir Ihnen einen Zugang zu unserem privaten TYPO3 Composer Server zur Verfügung.

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Der Support für das Abonnement gilt nur für das Konto, für das Sie ein Abonnement erworben haben, d.h. Jahres- oder Lifetime-Lizenz. Wenn sich die Module auf einem anderen Konto befinden, werden sie nicht unterstützt.

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