Sanjay Chauhan

Sanjay Chauhan

CTO at T3Planet & NITSAN

Sanjay Chauhan, Co-Founder of NITSAN (Award winning TYPO3 agency) and Pioneer of T3Planet (first-ever TYPO3 Store).

A true TYPO3 fanatic since 2010. I bring strong TYPO3 experience in building customer-business relationships, with a wealth of knowledge in the technical field as well for our ventures T3Planet and TYPO3.

Being extremely passionate and obsessed with TYPO3, I write regularly about TYPO3, tips, and tricks and on my personal innovations with TYPO3. I'm a true fan & believer to share his TYPO3 knowledge fulfilling the motto of TYPO3 - Inspiring People To Share!

Apart from TYPO3, I love reading, exploring new technologies and playing cricket.

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